Everything around us from the smallest particle to the vast universe is constantly moving, shaking, vibrating, resonating, departing and returning.
This principle rules the concept of The Garden of Resonance: an environment where the viewer is made aware of the constant presence of resonance in nature. A ‘sacred’ place full of movement, where you come to a standstill by listening in silence, and through wonder.



Resonate with us!

Garden of Resonance is the most recent project in progress at Studio JKL. We are working towards an installation that captures the phenomenon of resonation in nature  where we all can feel at ease. Does this resonate with you? Click the button below to support Garden of Resonance


Garden of resonance will have its premiere at the Dutch Design Week 2018 in Eindhoven-The Netherlands. Dutch Design Week Eindhoven is the largest design event in Northern Europe and presents work and concepts from more than 2.600 designers to more than 335.000 visitors from home and abroad.

Garden of Resonance will be located on the 8th floor of the Veem Building in collaboration with Manifestations.